Top 10 Web Hosting and Domain Service Companies in Kenya

In Kenya and throughout Africa, the web hosting and domain services sectors are expanding rapidly: A few years ago, specifically in late 2017, the dotAfrica domain went live. It is the only domain name available for the entire continent of Africa and is offered by registrars accredited by ICANN in Africa as well as a few well-known Kenyan hosting companies, including TrueHost, SasaHost, and KenyaWeb Experts, among others listed in the table below. global web hosting

  1. You can see how this is a significant advancement for Africa in the field of internet marketing, particularly for companies, non-governmental organizations, and institutions looking to grow their online presence in African nations.

    In Kenya, as well as a few other nations like South Africa, Nigeria, Ghana, Senegal, Burundi, and Morocco, domain solutions and web hosting (Shared, VPS, and Dedicated) are no longer obstacles for online marketers: This is due to the emergence of numerous hosting firms that run entirely online, making the process of owning a website simpler even for beginners with hosted Open Source Content Management System(CMS) programs like:

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